Vernons New Club Basketball Program!!
Passion, Hardwork, Dedication!!
Up and Coming Events
  1. Aug 21-24th Boys @ 11-1:30pm & Girls @ 1:30-4pm @ VSS
    NLB Summer Elementary Basketball Camp
    These camps are for Boys and Girls going into grades 6-8 and are designed for athletes aged 9-12 who are looking to improve their game in a fun, inclusive, high-energy environment, using a “games approach” to learning. EMPHASIS ON: Building the athletic “house” of each athlete focusing on the ABC’S (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and Speed) of the sport. Fundamental skill development will include: shooting, dribble moves, one on one play, passing and pivoting. Conceptual development will include: Spacing, timing, reading defense, and moving without the ball.